Sophie Dixon (Left) and Bridget Behan (Right)
Sophie Dixon (Left) and Bridget Behan (Right)

BRIDGET BEHAN // The Graphic Designer

Bridget has put in many hours to bring Sophie’s recipes to the public. From designing and sourcing publication of the book, to production and finalisation of the website. Not to mention photographing and devouring Sophie’s food with absolute delight. Bridget has worked hard across this project as it is part of her Major Work for her Bachelor of Design (Graphic Design).

SOPHIE DIXON // The cooking talent

Sophie has worked hard throughout the project to provide the best recipes and food that coincides with peoples moods. Constantly on the ball, multi-tasking with at least 3 meals being prepped in the kitchen while Bridget is behind the scenes taking photos of her amazing creations.

You’ll be able to see their hardwork first hand at our end-of-trimester Exhibition held at SAE Creative Institute (39 Regent St, Chippendale NSW 2008) on the 12th December, Tuesday night!

We look forward to seeing you there!