Guest-pleasing recipes based on your mood

So what happens when you mix a cooking enthusiast with a design student?

You get a cook book that organises your food by your mood.

3 panel picture of Ms Humbles Truffles
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81 stunning pages of food recipes categorised by 5 distinctive moods to help you pick the winning dish for your home event:
Happy         Healthy         Relaxed         Romantic         Sleepy

Recipe levels range from beginner levels, to advanced. The conversational tone of the book will place Sophie in the kitchen beside your cooking self, you’ll never feel lost with Sophie’s cooking tips and her family stories.

Each photograph has been painstakingly personalised using the kitchenware of two hard-working students juggling their careers and their passions for the creative field. (Actually, Bridget never thought how big of a project staging photographs would be for the first time!)

Achievement certificate, cook book and 3D Printed trophy
Award: Certificate of achievement for Best Design Project 2017

How to acquire the book

1. Hard copy (Image wrap aka hard cover, or a soft cover)

The physical books are distributed through Blurb – a website that takes care of the printing and logistics of getting that beautiful book to your front door. They have sales year-round, so if you think some things are out of your budget, wait for their 20% – 40% off sales!

Purchase the Soft Cover here.

Purchase the Image Wrap (hard cover) here.

2. Digitally (PDF)

Download your digital copy by donating through Paypal below!

Instructions to download
  1. After donation click Return to Bridget Behan
  2. You will be redirected to the PDF
  3. Click the arrow in the top right with a horizontal line
  4. Save to desired folder
  5. It’s now safe to close the browser.

If you have any trouble downloading the pdf, please don’t hesitate to get in touch by using the Contact Us page.