A sure-fire way to bring some buzz into your gathering is to up-do your traditional cheesecake and turn it into a cocktail. Shane’s Cheeseshake Cocktail uses a collection of ingredients you’ll find in your kitchen (you can make your own cheesecake using this recipe).

Roll up your sleeves and pull your blender out. It’s time to make a shake.

Shane’s Cheeseshake Cocktail

Shane’s Cheeseshake Cocktail
Shane’s Cheeseshake Cocktail


30ml of Kahlua
30ml of Baileys
200ml milk
1 slice of chocolate cheesecake
2 scoops of vanilla ice cream

The Do Bit

Place all ingredients in a large blender, and blend on high until combined.

Garnish a highball glass or a medium jar with chocolate syrup, and rim with chocolate syrup and cheesecake crumbs / chocolate sprinkles, and add shake mixture.

Serve immediately.

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