“I used to hate eating breakfast. It made me nauseous.”

Sophie Dixon

“This drink was a good alternative to a bowl of cereal or toast, as it gave me some protein while not being too heavy on my stomach. You need to move quickly once you’ve added the egg to the milk, or else the milk will start to cook it and you won’t get a smooth blend. If you don’t have a stick mixer, use a hand mixer.”

Egg Flip


1 egg, room temperature
300ml milk
1 tsp sugar (any)
Few drops of vanilla essence
Pinch of nutmeg

The Do Bit

Egg Flip
Egg Flip

Heat the milk in the microwave. I usually go for around the temperature of a hot tea or coffee, as the egg will cool down the milk slightly.

Add the milk to a jug or other high-sided container.

Working quickly, add the egg, nutmeg, sugar and vanilla.

Using a stick mixer, combine the ingredients on medium-high for approximately thirty seconds.

The milk will go from white to a pale yellow.

Serve immediately.

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